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32U server rack

Purchasing the right 32U server rack in U’s:

The 32U server rack are measured in U. Each U is equal to 44.45mm (1.7 inches) which represents the height of the 32U server rack within a standard 19-inch 32U server rack. The 19inchs server cabinet is commonly used in telecommunication and computing industry. There are many ranges for the units which are from 6U 32U server rack to 47U 32U server rack, and often can come in two types as well; wall mounted 32U server rack and floor 32U server rack. The wall mounted 32U server rack will be up to 6U to 18U and for the floor 32U server rack it will be anything above 18U. If you are placing a server inside a 32U server rack then you should know how many U’s the server occupies and consider leaving some space between each rack because cables or back panels maybe needed to be put in. Keeping it organized and tidy will always help.

Remember: This unit of measure only measures the height of 32U server rack not the width of the 32U server rack or its depth, which can vary widely.

Width and Depth of 32U server rack

Ideally, the widths of 32U server rack are 600mm and 800mm. Servers can be fitted inside a 19inch 32U server rack easily and it often depends on the width of the equipment that’s going to be placed inside the 32U server rack. For the depth of the 32U server rack, the sizes are: 600mm 32U server rack, 800mm 32U server rack and 1000mm 32U server rack. when choosing the right size 32U server rack you would want to take into account on how much space the server cabinet door occupies. Remember: Overall the widths of 32U server rack and the actual dimensions may vary slightly between manufacturers.

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